Selecting the namespace concept_ckb_3qt_52b

The namespace allows you to define the type of key used to identify the person associated to the event. Its configuration is optional. It is required if you want to retrieve, in your journeys, additional information coming from the Real-time Customer Profile. The namespace definition is not needed if you’re only using data coming from a third-party system through a custom data source.

You can either use one of the predefined ones or create a new one using the Identity Namespace service. Refer to this page.

If you select a schema that has a primary identity, then the Key and Namespace fields are pre-filled. If there is no identity defined, we select identityMap > id as the primary key. Then you have to select a namespace and the key will be pre-filled (below the Namespace field) using identityMap > id.

When selecting fields, primary identity fields are tagged.

Select a namespace from the drop-down list.

Only one namespace is allowed per journey. If you use several events in the same journey, they need to use the same namespace. See this page.