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Get up-to-speed on how to send, sign, and track documents with these brief step-by-step tutorials. Get a quick tour of Acrobat Sign and then jump into sending a document to one or more people. This content is designed to ease you into e-signature workflows.

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Workspace basics Take a quick tour of the Acrobat Sign workspace to get up and running
Getting started with Acrobat Sign This comprehensive tutorial is a great place to start for new senders in Acrobat Sign
Sending to single recipient Jump in and learn how easy it is send a document out for signature
Sending to multiple recipients Send a document for e-signature to more than one person in exactly the order you want
Configure sending options Learn how to configure various options when sending a document out for signature
Adding fields to your documents Learn how to add different types of fields to your documents
Modifying a document after sending Modify a document that's already in progress
Replacing a signer Learn how to change the signer of a document that's already in progress
Set deadlines and reminders Learn how to send regular email reminders and deadlines to help get your documents signed quickly




Electronically signing a document Learn how easy it is to sign a document that is sent to you with Acrobat Sign
Filling and signing a document Fill in forms and add your electronic signature to documents
Getting a signature in person Get someone else's signature in person using the Acrobat Sign mobile app
Delegate signing to someone else Learn how to delegate the signing of a document to someone else
What's a digital signature Learn about certificate-based digital signatures
Signing using a stamp Use stamps to mark a document approved or completed



Manage & track your agreements Learn how to manage and track agreements sent for signature
Creating a document template Create a reusable document template to provide speed and consistency for your organization


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