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Learn about adding users to your account, setting up groups, sharing access, and setting up a workflow, external archive, and shared events and alerts. These tutorials are designed for administrators who are past the installation phase, and are ready to start administering Adobe Sign. The Advanced Tasks cover topics that expand past the admin set up portion and move into defining global settings, account access and sharing, and text tagging.

Getting started

Up and running for Admins
Overview of 7 key areas for administrators to get up & running quickly in Adobe Sign
Setting up shared events and alerts
Configure event and alert settings for your organization
Adding ssers
Add users individually or in bulk to your Adobe Sign account
Creating and Managing Groups
Create groups, add users to groups, and edit group settings
Setting up an external archive
Create an external archive for backup copies of agreements that have been sent
Creating a document template
Create a reusable document template for speed and consistency
Creating a report
Create and schedule reports to gain visibiity into your organization's use of Adobe Sign
Set Up a Web Form
Create a document that can be signed electronically directly on your website
Collect Signatures in Bulk
Collect hundreds of signatures at once for any document
Setting up a Workflow
Automate document workflows to quickly get electronic signatures and data


Advanced tasks

Global settings
Edit product settings globally for your entire organization or for specific groups
Sharing account access
Set up view-only access to transactions in another user's account
Advanced account sharing
Set up account sharing to allow admins and users to delegate their send, modify, and view permissions
Using Bio-Pharma settings
Set up Bio-pharma settings that allow you to meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements
Adobe Sign Text Tagging
Adobe Sign Text Tagging

Build Adobe Sign form fields by text tagging using Adobe Acrobat DC

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