Troubleshooting best practices

Follow these best practices for effective troubleshooting of Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure issues.

Affected products and versions

Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure

Best practices

Issue type
Best practices
Deployment issues
Follow deployment best practices. 13% of support tickets involve deployment issues. The best practices have been updated to include ways to prevent many of these causes.
Best practices for builds and deployment in our developer documentation.
Site down issues
Use the Site Down Troubleshooter. Crons can be long running and can overrun each other. They are the source of many outages and performance issues.
Site Down Troubleshooter and How to reset cron jobs in our support knowledge base.
Performance issues
If you’re not using Adobe Commerce banner, disable it. When the banner is enabled but not used, resources are used to do lookups to the database when they are not required, and it will cause performance issues.
Disable Adobe Commerce Banner output to improve performance in our support knowledge base.
Search issues
MySQL catalog search engine was removed in Adobe Commerce 2.4.0. You must have Elasticsearch host setup and configured prior to installing version 2.4.0. Refer to Install and configure Elasticsearch in our developer documentation.
Set up Elasticsearch service in our developer documentation.
Custom errors
Don’t deploy during peak times. Adding and removing users will trigger a deployment.
Zero downtime deployment in our developer documentation.
Database errors and issues
Database issues cause deployment (post hook issues), performance and site down situations. Many involve errors or insufficient database space allocation.
MariaDB Error Codes; Manage Storage Space (including database) in our developer documentation.
Configuration issues
Index by Schedule instead of Index at Save. This is the most efficient indexing configuration. Index on Save will cause full reindexing.
Configure indexers in our developer documentation.
Custom code issues
Check your slow query logs for opportunities to identify and possibly kill processes taking too much time to complete. Slow queries can cause database deadlocks resulting in site downs and performance issues.
Checking slow queries and processes taking too long in MySQL
Extension issues
Only use verified extensions currently on the Commerce Marketplace.
Extensions for Adobe Commerce
Resource issues
Monitor available memory and space and optimize storage. You may have available space prior to an action that consumes significant resources (deployment, for example). Poor optimization of file storage (too many large, rich images, for example) can also contribute to insufficient space. Low resources cause performance issues, site down, stuck deployments, and deployment failures.
Manage disk space in our developer documentation; File storage low/exhausted, specific page loads are slow in our support knowledge base.