Partner escalation best practices

Below are ideas to help you prepare for a Partner escalation with an Adobe Account Team or to avoid the escalation entirely.

Affected products and versions

All supported versions of:

  • Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure
  • Adobe Commerce on-premises

Best practices

We understand that each situation is unique, and may not be applicable to some of the checklist items listed below. But we find that when customers approach their Adobe Account Team with a grasp on these concepts, it typically expedites this process and leads to speedier resolutions:

  • Consider scope: If you’re unhappy with the deliverables, or feel like deliverables haven’t been met, we encourage you to revisit the scope document provided by your Partner. Similarly, if deliverables have been added, consider how this might impact your timeline.
  • Approach your Partner with your concerns? Sometimes, it’s better to address challenges directly with the source. Have you spoken with your Partner on your concerns and given them an opportunity to address the issues? We often find that being as open and transparent as possible with your partner can result in positive changes in the project. If you have tried to address your issues with your partner and they aren’t responding or don’t have a clear answer, then it is best to discuss this with your Adobe Account Team.
  • Be specific: Examples are encouraged! This helps our Team save time sifting through details between emails, support tickets, etc. The more specific examples you can provide around your concerns, the better.