Planning phase

The planning phase includes the following activities:

  • Architectural design
  • Catalog design
  • Extension purchasing
  • Project scoping
  • Requirements gathering
  • Sales and marketing

The following sections include best practice information for the planning phase.

Requirements gathering

Best practice
Application configuration
Configure sites, stores, and store views
Configure sites, stores, and store views to maximize site performance.
Common configuration issues
Fix and prevent the five most common configuration issues for Adobe Commerce sites.
Use the cache management tools to improve the performance of your site.
Full-page caching
Learn how to work with public data when implementing caching in your Adobe Commerce extension.
OPcache memory size
Avoid performance degradation with specific settings of OPcache memory consumption.
Configure reporting
Optimize site performance by removing the reporting module if you are not using it.
Database configuration
Configure database for cloud deployments
Configure database and application settings to improve performance when deploying Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure projects.
Configure MySQL
Learn how MySQL triggers and slave connections affect site performance and how to use them effectively.
Services configuration
Set up Fastly
Configure Fastly services for your Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure project.
Configure notification channels for New Relic
Access your New Relic dashboard and analyze data from your Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure project.
Configure Redis
Improve caching performance by using the extended Redis cache implementation for Adobe Commerce.
Realpath cache size
Optimize performance by updating the PHP `readlpath` cache configuration to use the recommended settings.

Architectural design

Best practice
Global reference architecture (GRA)
Understand common methods of organizing a GRA code base.

Catalog design

Best practice
Category configuration
Configure product categories for optimal performance.
Product configuration​
Configure product SKUs for optimal performance.
Product variation configuration
Configure product variations for optimal performance.
Product options configuration
Configure product options for optimal performance.
Product attributes configuration​
Configure product attributes for optimal performance.
Pagination configuration for product listings
Configure product listing pagination for optimal performance.


Best practice
Using third-party extensions in Adobe Commerce
Learn how to avoid performance issues caused by third-party Adobe Commerce extensions.

Project scoping

Best practice
Partner escalations
Prepare for escalating a partner issue with an Adobe Account Team or learn how to avoid an escalation.
Payments storage processing
Securely process and store payment details.

Sales and marketing

Best practice
Product cart limits
Manage cart limits for optimal performance.
Configuring promotions
Configure sales and promotions for items in a shopping cart.