New Relic service overview

All Adobe Commerce projects on cloud infrastructure include access to the New Relic service to help monitor performance and investigate events of the Commerce application and cloud infrastructure.

The following New Relic features are available for use with Production and Staging environments:

Other New Relic features are not available on Adobe Commerce projects.

New Relic APM

New Relic for application performance management (APM) is a software analytics product that helps you analyze and improve application interactions. New Relic APM is available to all Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure projects and provides the following features:

  • Focus on specific transactions—Actively mark and monitor key customer actions in your site, such as adding to the cart, checking out, or processing a payment.
  • Database query monitoring—Locate and monitor database queries affecting performance.
  • App Map—View all application dependencies within your site, extensions, and external services.
  • Apdex scores—Evaluate performance and create alerts that identify issues and notify you when they occur, such as site performance affected by a flash sale or web event. See Apdex score.
  • Managed alerts for Adobe Commerce–Use this New Relic alert policy to monitor application and infrastructure performance based on industry best practices. See Monitor performance with the Managed alerts for Adobe Commerce alert policy.
  • Track deployments—Monitor deployment events and analyze deployment impact to overall performance. See Track deployments.

Your Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure project includes the software for the New Relic APM service along with a license key. You do not need to purchase or install any additional software.

New Relic Infrastructure

Pro projects include the New Relic Infrastructure (NRI) service, which automatically connects with the application data and performance analytics to provide dynamic server monitoring. This service is available on Pro Production and Staging environments.

New Relic Log Management

All cloud infrastructure projects include New Relic log management. The service is pre-configured to aggregate all log data from your Staging and Production environments and display it in a centralized log management dashboard.