Best practice for configuring sites, stores, and store view

For Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure, the best practices apply specifically to the Production environment (and possibly Staging on Pro architecture, subject to resource constraints) which would have more resources than the integration and development environments.

Affected products and versions

All supported versions of:

  • Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure
  • Adobe Commerce on-premises

Strategies to improve performance

If your project requires many sites, stores, or store views, you can use the following strategies to improve performance:

  • Restructure catalog by shifting logic to categories
  • Separate price lists from catalog data by using external price and a Price Management System (PMS).
  • Use an alternative noSQL data storage like Elasticsearch

Potential performance impacts

Websites and stores are multipliers for catalog data, so having many websites and stores can negatively affect site performance in the following ways:

  • Larger index tables increase time required to complete indexing operations [Price index].
  • Increased time to retrieve application configuration degrades storefront response time for non-cached catalog pages.
  • Significant increases in the time required to complete Save operations in the Admin since the data is saved separately for each website.

Additional information