Marketing reports

Marketing reports provide information about the status of shopping carts, the use of search terms, and newsletter transmissions.

Products in Cart

The Products in Cart report provides a list of all products currently in shopping carts. It includes the name and price of each item, the number of carts with the item, and the number of times each item has been ordered.

Products in Cart report

Search Terms Report

The Search Terms report shows what your customers are looking for in each store view. The report includes the number of matching items found in the catalog, and how many times the search term has been used.

Search Terms Report

Abandoned Carts

The Abandoned Carts report lists all registered customers who have abandoned carts that have not yet expired. The report includes the customer name and email address, the number of products in the cart and subtotal, the date created, and date last updated.

Abandoned Carts Report

Newsletter Problems Report

The Newsletter Problems Report includes information about any newsletter queue that failed to transmit successfully. The report includes the name of each subscriber, queue date and subject, and the information about the error.

Newsletter Problems Report