Enhanced storefront experiences

In addition to the standard elements that enable customers to make purchases in your store, there are many tools designed to help you maximize your customer engagement, retention, and loyalty.

Attract new customers

Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source are packed with features that make it easy to create search-engine-friendly websites and increase the likelihood of bringing the right customers to your site.

  • Search engine optimization - Commerce offers powerful, native capabilities to streamline Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices for content and site exposure that are integrated with the Admin, and tied directly into the user experience.

  • Custom URLs - Specify custom URLs to make them short, clean, and easy to remember. You can also autogenerate search-friendly URLs to streamline your purchase path.

  • Meta data - Improve your search engine rankings by choosing specific criteria that help search engines to find and index your products more easily. You can enter meta data for product, category, and content pages.

  • Sitemap - Link to a sitemap from the footer of your store to give customers an overview of the catalog structure, with links to all categories and products in the store. Easy integration with Google Sitemap.

  • Analytics - In addition to monitoring your site from the Admin dashboard, you can integrate third-party analytics tools such as Google Analytics and New Relic Reporting for detailed statistics on traffic and sales.

Engage your customers

Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source make it easy to create a customized, engaging site experience. Encourage your customers to spend more time exploring your site, and give them the tools to make it easy to find what they want faster.

  • Content management - Page Builder makes it easy to create targeted pages with interactive elements that engage your customers. Even users without a technology background can create and manage site content.

  • Design and theme - Control the visual elements of your store with a collection of templates and skin files. You can apply these visual elements to all pages in your store, giving your store a cohesive look and feel.

  • Multiple stores, sites, and views - Control the look and feel of multiple sites, introduce new markets and languages, and track analytics from a single Admin.

  • Multiple devices - The powerful Commerce features make it easy to create storefronts optimized for iPhone, Android™, and Mobile Opera browsers to help you engage consumers with mobile commerce now, and into the future.

  • Shopping tools - Your store includes a set of shopping tools that create opportunities for your customers to interact with your store, connect on social media, and share with friends.

  • Sophisticated search - Filter product by price, manufacturer, or any other criteria to reduce the time to purchase.

Differentiate and personalize

Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source offer a rich set of tools to create personalized experiences across multiple digital touchpoints, based on customer activity and profile.

  • Custom catalog and price lists - Offer a curated product selection with custom pricing for specific companies, while continuing to offer the standard catalog with regular pricing for general customers.

  • Targeted segmentation - Optimize your marketing initiatives with dynamic content, promotions, and banner based on properties such as customer address, order history, and shopping cart contents.

  • Smart shopping rules - Customize the shopping experience with price rules and promotions that trigger at the product or shopping cart level.

  • Customer groups - Offer different products and pricing according to customer group or shared catalog. Determine which discounts are available and the tax class that applies to the order.

Increase average order value

Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source provide a range of tools to help you tailor the shopping experience, and encourage your customers to put more items in their shopping carts and spend more money.

  • Targeted Promotions - Use catalog and shopping cart price rules to create promotions that kick into gear when a set of conditions is met. In Adobe Commerce, segment customers dynamically and build segments based on specific characteristics such as customer address, order history, shopping cart content, and much more. Then, use Page Builder to create a dynamic block that is triggered by a promotion, and appears only to the targeted customer segment.

  • Promotional Events - Hold an invitation-only event to launch a brand, and offer a count-down ticker to member-only sales.

  • Coupons - Create limited-time offers and coupons that customers can scan with their phone and apply to a purchase.

  • Product Suggestions - Another way to increase AOV is to offer suggestions for related products and opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell at strategic points along the path to conversion.

  • Email Reminders - Adobe Commerce (Adobe Commerce only) Send automated reminder emails to customers who have added items to their carts or wish lists, but haven’t made a purchase. Various triggers can launch automated emails, including total cart value, quantity, items in the cart, and more.

  • Full-Page Caching - Enhance performance by caching primary pages. Caching pages improves server response times, reduces load, and increases sustainable traffic. You can use tags to define which components to cache, so that only relevant pages are cached as updates take place. It can also identify and differentiate visitors from shoppers.

  • Sales Order Archive - Adobe Commerce (Adobe Commerce only) Archiving orders frees resources and improves performance when sales reps are assisting customers with orders.

  • Index Management - Automatic reindexing takes place whenever prices change, shopping carts are updated, or new categories created. Reindexing is a background process that does not interfere with store operations.

Optimize business processes and profitability

  • Advanced Reporting - Gain valuable insights at a glance with dynamic product, order, and customer reports, powered by Business Intelligence.

  • Dashboard snapshots - Knowing what is of interest on your site is crucial to maximize your marketing budget. Use this information on your dashboard to determine what you should cross- and up-sell to loyal customers, or which products to put on sale.

  • Taxes - Manage your taxes with native tools, or add third-party extensions from Commerce Marketplace.

  • Automated business rules - Set up automated business rules that define product relationships and use price rules that trigger discounts based on various conditions.

  • Integrated B2B and B2C - With Adobe Commerce B2B, you can serve both B2C and B2B customers. Through an easy-to-use customer portal, B2B customers can set up multiple tiers of buyers with specific roles and permissions, track quotes and orders, define purchase approval rules, and manage their credit online.

Moment of purchase

Make it easy for customers to complete their purchases. Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source are designed to help you streamline your checkout process experience while boosting conversion rates.

Instant Purchase - Simplify ordering and boost conversion rates by allowing your customers to speed through checkout by using stored payment and shipping information.

Shopping assistance - Assisted shopping makes it easy for customer service reps to create orders for customers. In Adobe Commerce, customer service reps working in the Admin have access to shopping cart contents, and can move items from a wish list to a shopping cart, apply coupon codes, and more.

Security - Whether an order is fulfilled online or over the phone, Commerce provides sophisticated security, including CAPTCHA and SSL encryption, with best-in-breed encryption and hashing algorithms to protect the security of the system.

Order Processing - Commerce supports a complete order processing workflow. It is easy to customize order statuses and track communications between sales reps and customers.

Multiple Payment Options - Commerce supports the payment methods and currencies needed for global commerce. You can choose the ones you want to offer, and your customers can choose the ones they prefer at checkout.

PayPal Merchant Solutions - It is easy to integrate a PayPal Payments account to provide your customers faster, more secure checkout options.

Shipping Labels - Merchants have complete control over package characteristics such as weight and size. Shipping labels, rate, and bar code information originate directly from the carrier. You can easily generate labels for a single order or for multiple orders.

Retain customers

Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source make it easy for you to get repeat business and build brand loyalty. It gives you total control and flexibility over creating and revising goodies like rewards programs, custom coupons, and automated emails to keep your customers coming back again and again.

Merchandise return - Adobe Commerce (Adobe Commerce only) Customers can submit requests for Return Merchandise Authorization from your store. You can create shipment orders in a carrier system, and print shipping labels with RMA numbers.

Store credit - Adobe Commerce (Adobe Commerce only) Keep customers loyal and happy by issuing refunds as store credit or virtual gift cards to ensure that the money they spend stays in your store.

Reward points - Adobe Commerce (Adobe Commerce only) Drive customer engagement with reward programs and points based on a range of transactions and customer behaviors. Base redemption on various factors, such as balance, customer history, and conversion rates.

Target shopping history - Adobe Commerce (Adobe Commerce only) Encourage customers to make return purchases with targeted promotions based on their shopping history. With Adobe Commerce, you can easily build segments based on your customer base.

Newsletters - Stay in touch with current customers who have opted to receive newsletters. You can create as many newsletter templates as you want.

RSS feed - When RSS feeds are enabled, subscribers of each feed automatically receive alerts about any additions to products, specials, categories, and coupons. A link to all RSS feeds that you publish is provided in the footer of your store.

Loyalty and advocacy

Give customers a direct connection to your brand by allowing them to create customer accounts where they can see their purchase history, wish list, and newsletter subscription information. Use product ratings and reviews to give new customers objective product opinions and promote a sense of community. These features turn customer satisfaction into one of the most powerful and cost-efficient marketing tools at your disposal.

Customer accounts - Opening an account provides customers with a personalized shopping experience that they can share with their friends. Customers can save their shopping preferences, and manage their own store billing and shipping information.

Advocacy tools - Customers who share wish lists and send gift cards make a powerful endorsement of your brand. Wish lists become powerful advocacy tools when shared by email or RSS feed, and gift cards bring motivated new shoppers to your store. (Gift cards are an Adobe Commerce only feature.)

Reviews and ratings - Product reviews give your customers a way to engage with your brand while fostering a sense of community. You can curate your reviews with tools to help you edit and approve comments for inappropriate content before they go live.