Introduction to Page Builder

Page Builder makes it easy to create content-rich pages with custom layouts that enhance your visual storytelling and to drive customer engagement and loyalty. Here are just a few of the many Page Builder features that are designed to improve quality, and reduce the time and expense of producing custom pages:

  • Advanced content tools
  • Full-page layouts for CMS pages, products, and categories
  • Real-time editing from the workspace
  • Drag-and-drop page design
  • Rich assortment of content types
  • Custom product attribute input types

The Page Builder advanced content tools were introduced in the Adobe Commerce 2.3.1 release. Starting with the 2.4.3 release, the basic Page Builder functionality is also available in Magento Open Source. However, Page Builder within Adobe Commerce has enhanced capabilities to use the rest of the Experience Management tools. These tools enable merchants to deliver engaging, personalized experiences and campaigns: staging and preview, personalized content, Product Recommendations, with additional capabilities to come.

Learn Page Builder

Whether you are new to Commerce or an experienced user, complete the following Page Builder exercises to learn about content creation using Page Builder. These exercises demonstrate how to use the basic Page Builder features and help you to discover new ways to accomplish familiar tasks.

These walkthrough exercises are updated to reflect significant changes to the Page Builder workspace in the 2.4.x release line. If you are using an earlier Adobe Commerce release, use the Page Builder walkthrough exercises included in the Commerce 2.3 User Guide.

Page Builder demo

Watch this video to learn about Page Builder capabilities: