Filter workflows by keep result property

Learn how to filter for workflows where the “keep result” condition is set to true.

Hello everyone. In this video, we will discuss the steps to filter workflows where the keepResult condition is set to “true” in Adobe Campaign. There is a field in the workflow UI that can be set to keep the data of the transitions intact over the life cycle of a workflow. The keep interim population is not set at the database level, however, is a part of the workflow source XML. So, to line up workflows with this condition set, you need to follow some simple steps. Open the Adobe Campaign Classic console and select the workflow from the left panel. Now, go to “Advanced filter” from the filter dropdown menu. In the expressions field, select “XML memo data.” In the Operator field select “contains” from the dropdown menu. Set the value field as “keepResults as equal to ‘true.’” Once done, click on “OK.” You will now see the workflow with the keepResult on if there are any. So, this is how you can filter a workflow where the keepResult condition is set to “true” in Adobe campaign. Thank you for watching this video. -