Disabled messages triggering e-mails

Learn how to stop e-mails from disabled messaged

Hello, everyone. As a part of business requirement, you might need to disable a few of message center emails and SMS in Adobe Campaign. But if emails are still triggered after the disable operation, you can solve this issue by following some simple steps. Open Adobe Campaign Classic console, and in the left panel, go to administration, production, message center and technical workflows. Select the RT events processing workflow, and click on stop icon at the bottom panel. The workflow will be stopped. Now in the left panel, go to respective folder on RT instance, under message center default, deliveries, year and month. For example, here, the year is 2021 and the month is seven. Select a delivery with the still being used for the event and click on stop at the top bar. Now again, go to technical workflows and start the IP events processing workflow by clicking the start icon at the bottom panel. If the issue is still not resolved, please contact the Campaign support team for further assistance. Thank you for watching this video. -