Prerequisites for configuring Adobe Campaign with SSL

Learn how to confirm if the prerequisites are met when installing an SSL certificate.

Hello everyone. In this video, we will discuss about prerequisites of SSL Certificate on Adobe Campaign. You can verify if a subdomain is already on SSL by using an online SSL checker. If it is already on SSL, it will show the certificate details, if not, it will display, “Cannot resolve the IP address.” You can also perform a R test by appending HTTPS in front of the subdomain URL, and see if the error is thrown on the browser. You can check if the connection is secure by clicking on the lock icon.
Also, you need to confirm that the certificate opens. The begin certificate by opening in Notepad++. Certain things to note, the certificate must be in PEM format, the certificate should not be longer than 2048-bit, the certificate must be signed by a valid certification authority. If there are one or more intermediate certificates, customer must provide ROOT, plus all intermediate certificates to Adobe. Same details as provided in CSR request is to be used to avoid any delays, or discrepancies, in certificate generation. Thank you for watching this video. -