Load balancer issues

Learn how to fix load balancer issues on instance restart

Hello, everyone. In this video, we will discuss the behavior of load balancer when instance services are restarted in Adobe Campaign. Daily restart happens on each of the containers deployed under a single instance. You can check the restart schedule of your instance on Adobe Campaign Classic console homepage. Go to monitoring and when you open any process, you can see the next restart time and previous restart activities. Some common behaviors of load balancer are that it does not automatically detect that containers are down and mark them in error. It will get to know only when it reaches to the web module of that container. Another behavior is that it will not redirect the call to second container, if it fails on one container. If the web module of the container it is trying to reach is undergoing a restart. It will respond back to calling party with the 503 service unavailable error. If the security zone is defined to go with generic errors, it will give a HTTP 500 error response, that request from calling party will be lost. And hence it is recommended to develop a retry mechanism for such failed request. Thank you for watching this video. -