Out of memory error for on-premise installations

Learn how to troubleshoot out of memory error for on-premise installations.

Hello everyone. In this video, we will discuss the steps to troubleshoot out of memory error for on-premise installation in Adobe Campaign. The cause of the issue is that the JavaScript interpreter that is available with Campaign has an upper limit on how much memory it can use. By default, the memory allocated at 64 MB, and when the report is generated on large volumes of data, this value needs to be increased. For an on-premise installation, the resolution steps need to be performed by the system administrator. Firstly, locate the serverConfig.xml file at the backend server under installation directory config part, then create a copy of this file as a backup and place it in a different directory. Now open the ServerConf.xml file with the text editor, locate the given line as shown in the file. As stated initially, the default value for maxMB setting is 64 MB. It is possible that the customer’s instance may have a different value set for maxMB. Change this maxMB value to 128 as shown. Once done, save this config file and open the terminal or command prompt on backend server with administrative rights. Now go to bin directory of the installation folder and fire the given command. Now execute the report generation from camping console to check if the issue has been resolved. If increasing the value to 128 doesn’t help, increase the maxMB to 256 and then finally to 512 MB.
Please note that the maxMB value of JavaScript interpreter should not be increased beyond 512 MB. If increasing this value to 512 MB does not resolve the issue, the factory report is not ideal for your data and you should design a custom report to suit your requirements. Thank you for watching this video. -