Experience Cloud Device Co-op

Information about the Adobe Experience Cloud Device Co-op, a program that lets participants work together to better identify consumers across digital touch points while ensuring the highest level of privacy and transparency.

The Experience Cloud Device Co-op empowers participating brands to recognize their consumers so they can deliver more personalized experiences across devices and apps at massive scale. The Device Co-op is a core service of the Adobe Experience Cloud. It is available to Adobe customers who use Analytics, Audience Manager, Media Optimizer, or Target. For more information, see the Adobe Experience Cloud Device Co-op documentation.

In Target, you can use Device Co-op data in A/B tests, Multivariate (MVT) tests, and Experience Targeting activities. The Device Co-op option is available during activity creation on the Goals & Settings page in the Target three-step guided workflow. For more information, see Target - A/B Tests, Multivariate Tests, and Experience Targeting.

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