Use our tutorials and guides for support with Adobe Journey Optimizer. Find solutions to common queries and get to grips with the program’s basic functionality - from simple set-up to personalized experience delivery.

With Journey Optimizer documentation, you can understand more about the solutions offered by Journey Optimizer and how they can solve key issues and challenges within your customer journey.


Use Journey Optimizer to build and deliver connected, contextual, and personalized experiences to your customers

Discover Adobe Journey Optimizer key features and use cases

As a Marketer, Administrator or Data Engineer, learn and discover the power of Adobe Journey Optimizer with step-by-step guidance.

Key steps to build your first journey with Adobe Journey Optimizer

Learn how Adobe Journey Optimizer can help you send your customers the right offer at the right time

Learn how to create an email in Journey Optimizer


Introduction to Journey Optimizer

Understand what Adobe Journey Optimizer is and how it has helped brands across industries boost ROI and overcome significant marketing challenges.

Access management

Understand the Adobe Journey Optimizer’s access control system and the eight custom product profiles. Learn how to manage product profiles and permissions and how to add and manage users.

Create Journeys

Understand the basics of building a journey in the journey canvas.

Create Campaigns

Learn how to deliver one-time content to a specific audience by executing actions immediately, or on a specified schedule.

Decision Management

Get an overview over Journey Optimizer’s decision management capabilities.

Challenges and Excercises

Challenges provide a scenario and the requirements needed to practice what you learned. Each challenge addresses a unique use case that you implement.

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