User preferences

The Components > User preferences page lets you manage Analysis Workspace settings and its related components for your users. User preferences apply to all new projects or panels.

User preferences

General preferences

General preferences apply to your CJA experience in the browser.

Preference Options
Landing page
  • Project list (default)
  • Blank project
  • Specific project
  • Enabled (default)
  • Disabled

Project preferences

Project preferences apply to new projects and new panels created in Analysis Workspace. Preferences can also be managed on a per-project basis under Workspace > Project > Project Info & Settings.

Section Preference Options
View density
  • Compact
  • Comfortable
  • Expanded (default)
Color palette
  • Adobe-provided palettes (default)
  • Custom-defined palettes
Calendar List of out-of-the-box date ranges, including This month (default)
Panel Type
  • Freeform (default)
  • Blank
  • Quick Insights
Number format
  • 1,000.00 (default)
  • 1.000,00
  • 1 000,00
CSV separator
  • Comma (default)
  • Semicolon
  • Colon
  • Pipe
  • Period
  • Space
  • Tab
Freeform table
  • Show anomalies
  • Show sparklines
  • Show annotations

Dark theme

If you prefer to have a dark background for your Customer Journey Analytics user interface, you can toggle to Dark theme.

  1. Click the Experience Cloud user icon at the top right.


  2. Move the Dark theme toggle to the right.

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