This schema represents a delivery action or template.

A template is a delivery template including all the necessary parameters. A delivery template can be executed manually from the client console, or executed when an event occurs (started from the scheduler, or programmatically from an SOAP call).


AppendDeliveryPart Add a part to a delivery being prepared.
BuildForward Builds the HTML page.
BuildMirror Build the HTML mirror page.
BuildMirrorEx Build the HTML mirror page.
BuildPreview Built the preview of a content to delivery or of a line of the output file (in external mode).
BuildPreviewFromId Built the preview of a content to delivery or of a line of the output file (in external mode).
CleanupDeliveries Specifies that the mid-sourcing server should delete certain deliveries.
CollectLogs Creates a table with all the delivery log messages for a list of deliveries
CreateFromModel Creation of a delivery from a template (from its internal name).
DeployTriggerMessageSingle Publish the transactional message on execution instances. Returns true if the publication is successful and false if not.
DeployTriggerMessages Publish the selected transactional messages on the execution instances
DiagnoseHTML Starts the HTML content diagnostic
DispatchImages Tells the application server to send the images to the mid-sourcing server.
ExecCommand Execute a command on a delivery.
ExecuteJob Executes a synchronous process on a delivery.
FinalizeMidPreparation Finalize the analysis of a delivery in mid-sourcing mode.
GetDlStatusAndLogs Retrieve the last logs from the journal and the delivery status.
GetFilesToDownload Returns the list of files found on the server associated with the delivery.
GetMidBroadLogs Retrieve the delivery logs modified last in mid-sourcing-mode.
GetMidDeliveries Retrieve the status of the deliveries modified last in mid-sourcing-mode.
GetMidXtkKey Returns the Xtk key of the mid server
GetMirrorURL Obtains the URL of an HTML mirror page.
HtmlToText Converts HTML content into plain text
ImagePublishing Performs the post-processing: moving the image to a specified folder and making it available online
InstallTransactionalMessage Install a transactional message template on the execution instance.
InvalidateDeliveryCache Must be called at the end of message preparation except for mid-sourcing (private method).
LaunchFCP Starts a Proof copy for a delivery
LoadExpandedContents Load a list of components for preprocessing with dependencies (personalization blocks, options, additional script objects, etc.).
Pause Suspend a delivery.
Play Start a delivery.
Prepare Delivery analysis: Targeting and personalization
PrepareAndStart Analyzes the delivery and executes it straightaway if no errors are encountered
PrepareFromId Analyze a delivery.
PrepareMessage Message personalization
PrepareMessageImpl Message personalization
PrepareMultipartRelated Save the images to include in the email in the database
PrepareNotification Analyze a notification being added to an existing delivery action
PrepareProof Delivery analysis in view of generating a proof
PrepareTarget Delivery target count and arbitration
PrepareTargetImpl Delivery target count and arbitration
PreviewExtraction Preview of the extraction file
PrioritizeLogs Prioritize the delivery log for a list of deliveries
PrioritizeTarget Delivery target arbitration
QueueNotification Request to queue a notification referencing a delivery template.
RecomputeStats Recompute delivery and tracking statistics for a delivery action.
SaveUrlInfo Save URLs of this delivery as URL templates.
Stop Stop a delivery in progress.
StoreMirrorPageInfo Adds information to generate mirror pages for a set of delivery parts.
StoreMirrorPageInfoEx Adds information to generate mirror pages for a set of delivery parts.
SubmitDelivery Creation and submission of a delivery from a scenario (from its internal name).
SubmitDeliveryById Create and submit a delivery from a scenario (identified by it's internal name).
SubmitJob Submits a job for a delivery for asynchronous processing
SubmitMidSourcing Submit a delivery in mid-sourcing mode.
SubmitNotification Create and submit a notification from a scenario.
UpdateBroadLogs Update the status of the delivery logs, perform error handling and update the delivery counters.
UpdateCachedDelivery Must be called every time the delivery is been modified in the memory so that other threads have access to an up to date version (private method).
UpdateImageConfig Modifies the imageConfig node to take into account the images already on the server.
ValidateWavesDefinition Check the consistency of information used in the definition of the waves.

Generic Methods

create Creates a new entity corresponding to a given schema.
load Loads and returns an entity corresponding to a given schema and key.
save Saves an entity in the database.