Access via file APIs is limited to the var, sftp and temporary folders of Adobe Campaign.

Loads and returns an entity corresponding to a given schema and key.

            load (key)



A character string corresponding to the key of the entity.

Return value

Returns the entity in the form of a JavaScript object.


load is not a global function but a schema method. To invoke it, you must prefix it by the desired schema. For example:
var delivery = NLWS.nmsDelivery.load("12435")
The properties and sub-properties of this object can be modified at will. Unlike the get() method, the document is not automatically saved in the database, you must invoke the save() method on the object. If the entity is not found in the database, it is an error and the script is interrupted.


Available in:

  • Content management
  • Delivery properties
  • Typology rule
  • JSSP
  • SOAP Method
  • WebApp
  • Workflow