Loads and returns an entity corresponding to a given schema and key.

            get ( [key or content ])


key or content

A character string corresponding to the key of the entity of XML content to create or initiate a new entity.

Return value

Returns the entity in the form of a JavaScript object.


get is not a global function but a schema method. To invoke it, you must prefix it by the desired schema. For example:
var delivery = NLWS.nmsDelivery.get("12435")
The properties and sub-properties of this object can be modified at will. The document is automatically saved in the database when the script finishes execution if it is modified. If it is not a creation and the entity is not already in the database, it is an error and the script is interrupted.


Available in:

  • Content management
  • Delivery properties
  • Typology rule
  • JSSP
  • SOAP Method
  • WebApp
  • Workflow