This function is obsolete, use decryptString().

Unencrypts a string with the DES algorithm.

            decryptDES (key, value
      [, cipher mode ] [,
      initialization vector ])



The key represented in hexadecimal. The key must be 64 bits long or 16 hexadecimal characters.


The data to encrypt represented in base 64.

cipher mode

The method for coding blocks. A string of characters. i.e. "CBC", "ECB" or "EDE". By default "CBC".

initialization vector

The initialization vector in the form of a hexadecimal string. Exactly 8 octets, i.e. 16 characters. An empty string by default.

Return value

The characters string in clear text.


  • A DES key has 56 useful bits and 8 bits used for parity; These bits are ignored.
  • The data will be unencrypted as an 8-bit string in the Windows-1252 codepage.
  • The length of the encrypted data must be a multiple of 64 bits.


Available in:

  • Content management
  • Delivery properties
  • Delivery message
  • Typology rule
  • Import
  • JSSP
  • SOAP Method
  • WebApp
  • Workflow