Widget library overview

Within the Adobe Experience Platform user interface, you can view and interact with your organization’s data using multiple dashboards. You can also update certain dashboards by adding widgets to your dashboard view.

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for accessing the Widget library within Experience Platform, where you can select standard widgets and create custom widgets to customize the information that is displayed within your dashboards.

Any updates made to the dashboards are per organization and by sandbox.

For information on how to modify the location and size of the widgets already displayed in your dashboards, please refer to the modify dashboards guide.

Access the widget library access

From any dashboard (for example, the Profiles dashboard), select Add widget to navigate directly to the widget library where you can add widgets to your dashboard.

The Profiles dashboard overview tab with the with the Add widget button highlighted.

Select Modify dashboard to move, resize, or remove widgets from your dashboard. From this display you can also select Widget library to browse and add widgets. To learn how to edit widget sizes and layout, see the Modify dashboards documentation.

The Profiles dashboard overview with Modify dashboard highlighted.

Select Widget library to open the widget library and view all available standard metrics or begin creating custom widgets.

The modify dashboard view with Widget library highlighted.

Add widgets add-widgets

From the Widget library, select any widget from the list of available standard or custom widgets. A check mark in the corner of the widget indicates your selection.

The widget library with a selected widget and check mark highlighted.

In-use label in-use-label

Widgets already added to a dashboard have an In-use label attached to them when viewed in the widget library. This label highlights widgets that have already been added to your dashboard to avoid duplication. Although, you can still add the same widget more than once should you wish.

The widget library with the in-use label highlighted.

Once you have selected all the required widgets, select Add widgets to confirm your choice and add the widgets to your dashboard.

Standard and custom widgets standard-and-custom

The Widget library contains two tabs:

  • Standard: The standard tab contains widgets provided by Adobe. You can update your dashboards using any of these standard metrics. To learn more about adding standard widgets to your dashboard, refer to the guide for using standard widgets in dashboards.
  • Custom: The custom tab allows you to create and share widgets within your organization. For complete steps to creating your own widgets, refer to the custom widgets for dashboards guide.

The widget library with the standard and custom tabs highlighted.

Next steps

After reading this document, you now are able to access the widget library within the Experience Platform UI. To modify the size and location of widgets that appear in the dashboard, please refer to the modify dashboards guide.