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Adobe Journey Optimizer continuously delivers new features, enhancements to existing features, and bug fixes. All changes are consolidated on the last week of each month in these release notes.

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Adobe Journey Optimizer is built natively on Adobe Experience Platform and inherits from its latest innovations and improvements. Learn more about these changes in Adobe Experience Platform Release Notes.

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January 2023 Release

New capabilities

Data Hygiene

Adobe Experience Platform provides a suite of data hygiene capabilities that allow you to manage your stored data through programmatic deletions of consumer records and datasets. This capability is now available for Adobe Journey Optimizer.

You can manage your data stores to ensure that information is used as expected, is updated when incorrect data needs fixing, and is deleted when organizational policies deem it necessary.

Caution - Data Hygiene capabilities are currently only available for organizations that have purchased the Healthcare Shield and Privacy and Security Shield add-on offerings.

For more information, refer to the detailed documentation.

Email content templates

You can now create standalone content templates that can be leveraged across journeys and campaigns for quick reuse.

Learn how to create, edit, and use content templates in this video. For more information, refer to the detailed documentation.



  • When adding a Segment qualification or Read segment in a journey, the namespace is now pre-filled, by default, with the last used namespace. Refer to the Segment qualification and Read segment sections.

  • In the journey canvas, a new button is available in the toolbar which allows you to download a screenshot of your journey.

Email Designer

  • You can now export the email content from the Export HTML menu. Exported files are available in an archive (.ZIP) file.


  • A new subsection provides recommendations on building the Reply to (email) address and ensuring proper reply management. Learn more

  • When creating or editing IP pools, the associated PTR records are now displayed in the IP list and when hovering over the selected IP addresses. Learn more

  • After an IP pool has been selected in a channel surface, PTR record information is now visible when hovering over the IP addresses. Learn more

  • The user interface for editing PTR records and execution fields has been updated.

  • The user interface for creating and editing subdomains has been improved. Learn more

  • The suppression list Recent uploads screen has been updated. Learn more


  • A sample cURL request allowing API-triggered campaigns execution is now automatically generated and made available in the campaign screen. Learn more


  • New helper functions are available: formatCurrency, charCodeAt, stringToDate, toString, formatNumber, and toHexString. Additionally, the toDateTimeOnly function now accepts string, date, long and int field types. Learn more

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