Configure AEM Assets Brand Portal

Last update: 2024-01-25
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This video walks through the steps to configure AEM Assets Brand Portal.


Hello everyone. today, we’ll be discussing how to configure brand portal. First in AEM asset, create an IMS account and generate a public certificate. For this from the tools panel, navigate to security and then Adobe IMS configuration. In the Adobe IMS configurations page, Click create. It will redirect to the Adobe IMS technical account configuration page. Select Adobe brand portal in the cloud solution dropdown list. Select the create new certificate checkbox and specify an alias for the public key. Click create certificate. Then click on okay to generate the public key. Click the download public key icon. Now in Adobe developer console, create a project for your brand portal tenant. So click on create new project. In the project overview tab, click add API. In the added API window, Select AEM brand portal and click next. In the configure API window, click upload your public key. Then click select the file and upload the public key that you have downloaded. Verify the public key and click next. Select assets brand portal as the default product profile and click save configured API. Once the API is configured, you are redirected to the API overview page From the left navigation under credentials, click on the service account JWT option. From the client credential stack, copy the client ID and use it inside Adobe IMS configuration. Similarly click retrieve client secret and copy the client secret and paste it inside IMS configurations. Navigate to the generate JWT tab on the developer console and copy the JWT payload information and paste it likewise. Check for health status. The health status sees that the token is retrieved successfully. Now for configuring cloud service from the tools panel, navigate to cloud services and then AEM brand portal.

And in the brand portal configurations page, click create. Specify a title for the configuration. Select the IMS configuration that you have created when configuring the IMS account. In the service URL field, specify a brand portal tenant URL.

Click save and close. The cloud configuration is created. Your AEM assets author instance is now configured the brand portal tenant. Now for testing, select an asset and click on manage publication. Select publish to brand portal and then publish it. The asset gets published on the brand portal. Thank you. -

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