The edgeDomain property allows you to change the domain where the Web SDK sends data. This property is frequently used by organizations using first party cookies. Data is sent to the organization’s own domain, then a CNAME record forwards that data to Adobe.

Your organization determines the correct value for this property when setting up first party cookies. An organization typically uses a dedicated subdomain for this purpose. For example, if you use the domain example.com, you can set up first party cookies on data.example.com.

Configure an edge domain using the Web SDK tag extension

Set the Edge domain text field when configuring the tag extension.

  1. Log in to experience.adobe.com using your Adobe ID credentials.
  2. Navigate to Data Collection > Tags.
  3. Select the desired tag property.
  4. Navigate to Extensions, then click Configure on the Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK card.
  5. Locate the text field Edge domain, then enter the desired value.
  6. Click Save, then publish your changes.

Configure an edge domain using the Web SDK JavaScript library

Set the edgeDomain string when running the configure command. If you omit this property when configuring the SDK, it defaults to edge.adobedc.net. Set this value if you would like to override the domain that the Web SDK sends data to.

alloy("configure", {
  "edgeConfigId": "ebebf826-a01f-4458-8cec-ef61de241c93",
  "edgeDomain": "data.example.com"