Adobe Analytics for Target (A4T) logging in the Platform Web SDK

When using Adobe Target for personalization, you can choose which system you want to use for performance measurement. Each Target activity allows you to select between Target reporting and Adobe Analytics reporting.

If you are using Analytics reporting, Adobe Target has to communicate the following to Analytics:

  • Which Adobe Target activity your visitors have entered
  • Which experience they have seen
  • Which conversion has been reached

The Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK supports two types of Analytics logging for Analytics for Target (A4T) use cases:

Logging method
Server-side Analytics logging
All Analytics hits sent through the Edge Network are augmented with Target details on the server side, without having to go through the hit stitching process.
Client-side Analytics logging
Target data is returned on the client side, allowing you to manually augment and send data to Analytics using the Data Insertion API.

The logging method is determined by whether you have Adobe Analytics enabled on your configured datastream:

Logging method decision flow

Next steps

This document provided a brief introduction to the different logging methods for A4T data in the Web SDK. For more detailed information on each of these methods, refer to the following documentation: