Manage display events in Web SDK

Display events are used by Web SDK to inform your personalization or analytics service when a specific personalization content is displayed on a page.

Sending display events improves the accuracy of personalization metrics and gives you an accurate overview of what the users see on your page.

Web SDK allows you to send display events in two ways:

Display events are not sent automatically when calling the applyPropositions function.

Send display events automatically send-automatically

Sending display events automatically provides more accurate analytics metrics, since the event is sent immediately after the personalization loads. This implementation also has a more streamlined implementation method.

To send display events automatically after the personalized content is rendered on page, you must configure the following parameters:

  • renderDecisions: true
  • personalization.sendDisplayNotifications: true or not specified

Web SDK sends the display events immediately after any personalization is rendered as a result of a sendEvent call.

Send display events in subsequent sendEvent calls send-sendEvent-calls

Compared to automatically sending display events, when you include them in subsequent sendEvent calls you also have the opportunity to include more information about the page load in the call. This may be extra information, which was not available when requesting the personalized content.

Additionally, sending display events in sendEvent calls minimizes bounce-rate errors when using Adobe Analytics.

When using manually rendered propositions, display events are only supported via sendEvent calls. You cannot send display events automatically in this case.

Send display events for automatically rendered propositions auto-rendered-propositions

To send display events for automatically rendered propositions, you must configure the following parameters in the sendEvent call:

  • renderDecisions: true
  • personalization.sendDisplayNotifications: false for the top of page hit

To send the display events, call sendEvent with personalization.includePendingDisplayNotifications: true

Send display events for manually rendered propositions manually-rendered-propositions

To send display events for manually rendered propositions, you must include them in the _experience.decisioning.propositions XDM field, including the id, scope, and scopeDetails fields from the propositions.

Additionally, set the include _experience.decisioning.propositionEventType.display field to 1.