Use Project Masters

Project Masters greatly simplifies user and team management with AEM Projects.

Let’s take a look at - Project Masters in AEM. AEM projects is a feature - that allows a logical creation of group tasks or workflows, in order to manage content creation. This could be the creation of - digital assets for a catalog, or a series of new pages for a site or some combination of both. Central to AEM projects is a - team membership of a project which defines various - roles and permissions. With AEM projects, new users can easily be - added and assign new roles. Project Masters allows us to - define a set of team members and reuse that team for multiple projects. Master Projects can be created from within the Masters folder. Let’s create a new Masters Project, by clicking on the create button. First, we’ll select a template to use for the base for our Master Project And then we’ll give it a title. The Project Master, will be used to manage all the adventure content creation. Next, we can fill out - the remaining fields. These fields are important for identifying the Project Master when creating a new project. Let’s add a description - and a few team members. We’ll add an editor and an observer. All the team members that we add must be individually selected. Let’s add a thumbnail, so we can easily identify - our Master Project.
Navigating back to the projects folder, let’s create a new project. We’re given the option to select any of the existing project templates or we can select the Master - Project we just created. Let’s select this one and fill out the properties - for our new project. This project will be used to - manage the content creation for a new skiing campaign. We can give this project to description and choose a start date and due date.
The team members for this project, have been provided by our Master Project. So, there’s no need to - add individual users. They’re automatically inherited since this project is - based on a Master Project. This is the project dashboard, for our newly created ski project. If we wanted to update - or add new team members, we would not be able to do it from inside the scheme project. Instead, we would need to - update the team membership in the Master Project. Let’s add a new user to the - Project Master, Alison Smith who will be an editor.
Navigating back to our skiing project, we see the team membership - has been updated.
If we want to create another project, we can again select our - Project Master to start from. And this project, will be - for biking content creation for our campaign.
We can again give this project - a start date and due date and we see that the team - membership is again provided by our Master Project, - including Alison Smith. We’ve created two independent projects but the team membership - for each one is the same. And the team members, are all - managed by our Master Project. Any updates to the team membership and the Master Project will be reflected in our biking and skiing projects. - -

Administrators can now create a Master Project and assign users to roles/permissions as part of a Project Team. Projects can be created from a Master Project and automatically inherit the Team membership. This offers several advantages:

  • Reuse existing Teams across multiple projects
  • Accelerates project creation as Teams do not have to be re-created by hand
  • Manage Team membership from a central location and any updates to Teams are automatically inherited by Projects
  • avoids creation of duplicate ACLs which can cause performance issues

Master Projects can be created under the Masters folder under AEM Projects. Once a Master Project is created, it shows as an option alongside available templates in the wizard when new Projects are created.

Project Masters URL (local AEM Author instance): http://localhost:4502/projects.html/content/projects/masters

Delete Project Masters

Deleting a master project results in unusable derived projects.

Before deleting a master project, ensure that all derived projects are finished and removed from AEM. Make sure to save any required project data before removing the derived projects. Once all derived projects are removed from AEM, the master project can safely be deleted.

Mark Project Masters as Inactive

By changing the master project’s status to inactive in the project’s properties, the inactive master projects disappears from the master projects list.

To show inactive master projects, toggle the “show active” filter button in the top bar (next to the list display toggle). To make the inactive project active again, simply select the inactive master project, edit project properties, and set it once again to be active.

Understand Project Masters

Project masters technical view

Project Masters work by defining a set of AEM user groups (owners, editor, and observer) and allowing derived Projects to reference and reuse those centrally defined user groups.

This reduces the overall number of user groups required in AEM. Before Project Masters, each project created 3 user groups with the accompanying ACEs to enforce permission-ing, thus 100 projects yielded 300 user groups. Project Masters allows any number of Projects to reuse the same three groups, assuming the shared membership aligns to Business requirements across the project.