Use Online Revision Clean-up

A brief introduction to Online Revision Clean-up which mitigates the need for frequent Offline Revision Clean-ups.

Online Revision Clean Up is now enabled by default in AEM 6.3 for both AEM Author and Publish. This is a welcome improvement to previous versions of AEM that required offline revision clean up in order to maintain a clean and performant repository. So let’s take a look at the Online Revision Clean Up task that are available under Tools, Operations, Maintenance.
We’ll click into our Daily Maintenance window, and we’ll see that we have a Revision Clean Up task enabled by default.
We can take a look at the window that this task is set to run in. And as we can see, it’s set to run daily between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. It’s recommended to be scheduled during off hours.
If we like, we can drill back into our window and run the task in a ad hoc manner.
Assuming Online Revision Clean Up is run daily, under normal operation, this task should typically run under two hours. As we see here, the operations dashboard gives us a nice visual indicator of the status of the task. AEM provides more detailed information on Online Revision Clean Up via the JMX MBean segment revision garbage collection. As we can see here, there is a number of attributes. These attributes define configuration for the Revision Clean Up as well as status. There’s also the ability to start and cancel Online Revision Clean Up directly from the JMX MBean. Lastly, while Online Revision Clean Up is configured with optimal defaults for most customers, there is the ability to tune the configuration for more exceptional use cases via the Oak Segment Tar Node Service OSGi configuration.

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