How to investigate indexing related issues in AEM

This video walks through the steps to investigate indexing related issues in AEM.

Hello, everyone. In this video, we will discuss the steps to investigate indexing-related issues in Adobe Experience Manager. Sometimes we may encounter indexing-related issues on AEM, like the content not getting indexed in the repository or the re-indexing is failing/ In such cases, we will need to diagnose the problem. There are some collaterals that need to be captured for this purpose, which include error, logs, debug logs on indexing, index stats JMX MBeans, and Oak index JSON dump. Error logs can be found in the logs folder of CRX Quickstart directory where the AEM instance is installed. To capture debug logs, visit AEM Web Console Log Support page, and click on Add new Logger. Set Log Level as Debug, and enter the name required for the log file in the Log File field. Here we have named the file as debug.log. Set the API name in Logger field, as shown. Once done, click on Save. This log file will be available inside the log folder with the given name. To capture index stats, visit AEM Web Console page and select JMX from the Main dropdown menu. In this page, search for IndexStats. From here, you can capture the index stats MBeans for both async and full text async type of indices. Sometimes we might need the entire index dump to compare it with the working instance or to analyze different indices. We can download the same from localhost:port/oak:index.tidy-1.json. If the issue encountered is related to query, we will need to capture a few more details, like query logs and execution plan. Please refer to the video titled, “How to Investigate Search-Related Issues” available on Adobe Experience League Portal for a detailed walkthrough on the same. All these logs and artifacts can also be shared with the AEM Support team for further assistance. Thank you for watching this video. -