Steps to resolve memory related issues in AEM

This video walks through the Steps to resolve Memory related issues in AEM.

Hello, everyone. In this video, we will discuss the steps to troubleshoot memory issues in AEM. Memory issues occur when we encounter out of memory error in the logs, or there is a sudden growth of repository size on the server where AEM is deployed. There are some core actions that need to be captured for this purpose, which include error logs, heap dumps, repository right logs, or checking disk usage. During such issues, we can review the error logs to see if there is any out of memory error. Error logs can be found at the logs folder off AEM directory. To further analyze the heap distribution, we can generate heap dumps by navigating to AEM Web Console Memory Usage. We can generate heap dumps on this page by clicking on dump heap, as shown on screen. A zip file will be created, which can then be downloaded and analyzed using any heap dump analyzer, like memory analyzer 2.
If there is no out of memory error, exactly, but repository of AEM is growing unexpectedly, We can also enable a trace level logger on the right API, which will tell us which repository parts are being written too. Upon saving it, you can find the log file in your system inside the logs folder. Also, there’s one more in-built tool available in AEM that helps us to check the disk usage of AEM directories. To check the disk usage, navigate to tools, reports, disk usage in AEM welcome page. This will give us an idea as to which node is taking up the maximum space. These logs and artifacts can also be shared with the AEM support team for further assistance. And then this way, we can successfully troubleshoot memory issues in AEM. Thank you. -