Integrate the Site-Wide Analysis Tool

The Site-Wide Analysis Tool provides 24/7 real-time performance monitoring, reports, and recommendations to ensure the security and operability for Adobe Commerce instances.

The Upgrade Compatibility Tool is now integrated with the Site-Wide Analysis Tool in order to provide the ability for non-technical people to run the Upgrade Compatibility Tool and get a report containing a list of issues for each file.

See the Site-Wide Analysis Tool user guide for more information.

Run the Upgrade Compatibility Tool from the Site-Wide Analysis Tool

Navigate to the Site-Wide Analysis Tool dashboard for your project and locate the Upgrade Compatibility Tool widget.

UCT SWAT widget - Initial

Click Run Upgrade Scan. The scan can take some time depending on the project size. A spinner indicates that the scan is in progress.

UCT SWAT widget - In Progress

After the scan is complete, the high level results are displayed in the widget.

UCT SWAT widget - Results

Click Download Report to retrieve the Upgrade Compatibility Tool HTML report and review the details.

Running the Upgrade Compatibility Tool through the Site-Wide Analysis Tool optimizes your results and helps you focus on issues that are new and critical for your target upgrade. It uses the --ignore-current-version-compatibility-errors option and always shows results comparing your project’s version with the latest released version.