Guide overview

The Upgrade Compatibility Tool is available for Adobe Commerce instances only.

This guide is intended for administrators and software engineers of Adobe Commerce. It includes detailed information about installation of the Upgrade Compatibility Tool, as well as its configuration and management. It assumes a basic understanding of the core Commerce configuration and functionality.

Overview of the Upgrade Compatibility Tool

The Upgrade Compatibility Tool is a tool that checks an Adobe Commerce customized instance against a specific version by analyzing all modules and core code installed in it. It returns a list of critical issues, errors, and warnings that must be addressed before upgrading to a newer version of Adobe Commerce.

Use the Upgrade Compatibility Tool

You can use the Upgrade Compatibility Tool via:


The following diagram shows the possible workflows when running the Upgrade Compatibility Tool:

Upgrade Compatibility Tool Diagram

Upgrade Compatibility Tool demo

Watch this video to learn about the Upgrade Compatibility Tool:

Help improve the Upgrade Compatibility Tool

If you need information or have questions that are not covered in this guide, use the following resources:

To connect with the Upgrade Compatibility Tool team, contact us on the Engineering Slack channel #upgrade-compatibility-tool. We want to hear your feedback, issues, and suggestions to help us improve the tool.

The Upgrade Compatibility Tool uses rules defined within our Coding Standards to ensure that your project is following Adobe Commerce best practices and to help you improve and extend the Upgrade Compatibility Tool.

Refer to the Contribute topic for more information on contributing coding standards.


See the following resources to help you understand Adobe Commerce upgrades:

  • The upgrade guide provides an overview of the typical Adobe Commerce upgrade journey and best practices to follow along that journey.
  • The upcoming releases page provides the dates for scheduled and upcoming releases.
  • The community resources page is to place to start discussions, or finding more information.
  • Check the related tools page for useful tools in your typical upgrade journey.