Upgrade Compatibility Tool related tools

The Upgrade Compatibility Tool is available for Adobe Commerce instances only.

There are tools related to the Upgrade Compatibility Tool, which can be used for similar results, or can trigger an execution of the Upgrade Compatibility Tool.

  • Security scanner: Provides Adobe Commerce customers with real-time insights into the security status of their store by proactively detecting malware and notifying them if their store is compromised. See the Security scan user guide for more information.

  • Site-Wide Analysis Tool: A proactive self-service tool and central repository that includes detailed system insights and recommendations to ensure the security and operability of your Adobe Commerce installation. It provides 24/7 real-time performance monitoring, reports, and advice to identify potential issues and provide better visibility into site health, safety, and application configurations. See the Site-Wide Analysis Tool guide for more information.

  • AmpersandHQ: Looks for files which have been modified as part of the upgrade and attempts to see if you have any overrides in your site. This allows you to focus in on the things that have changed and are specific to your site. See the AmpersandHQ repository guide for more information.

    note warning
    AmpersandHQ is not an Adobe official tool.
  • Quality Patches Tool: A command-line tool that delivers quality patches for Adobe Commerce. See the Quality patches tool user guide for more information.