About basic reports and advanced reports

Basic reports

Basic reports show the actual cost and click data for portfolios (when applicable), ad networks, ad network account entities (such as campaigns and ads), label values and classifications, bid unit constraints, and network constraints. The reports are based on clicks billed by the applicable ad network, and they optionally can include additional traffic metrics, conversion data, and any custom metrics you create. Basic reports can help you monitor your online marketing efforts, investigate trends, identify opportunities for improving performance, and understand the impact of automated bidding and optimization.

Click data is available for reports only when a) both the campaign summary data and the keyword-level or ad-level data are available and b) there is no more a 5% discrepancy between the two. If there is any data discrepancy, or if either type of data is unavailable, then the relevant data is retrieved again later in the day and periodically for the next 30 days, until all data is available within 5%.

Types of basic reports

Portfolio and ad network entity reports

Classification reports

Constraint reports

Advanced reports

Advanced reports can help you make strategic decisions about your advertising strategy by identifying where you would benefit by reconfiguring your geographical targeting or network settings. They can also help you validate conversion data available in Search, Social, & Commerce against the advertiser’s internal conversion tracking data.

All users can generate the Transaction Report, which shows individual transactions by keyword. All other advanced reports use data captured through the Adobe Advertising conversion tracking service and can be generated only for advertisers with the service.

All advanced reports optionally can include conversion data or any other metrics you create. Advanced reports generated by portfolio rather than by ad network show data for campaigns that are currently mapped to the specified portfolios. The reports
don’t include data for campaigns that were in the portfolios during the date range but aren’t still there.

Types of Advanced Reports