Ad Variation Report

The Ad Variation Report includes cost, click, and (optionally) conversion data for each applicable ad variation (creative) that received impressions in one or more ad groups. By default, the data includes one row for each applicable ad that received impressions for each time unit in the specified date range. The rows are in ascending order first by creative (ad) title and then by ad network by default.

You can optionally include advertiser-specific label classifications.

You can view data for the previous 36 months.

Ad-level data isn’t available for Google Ads dynamic search ad (DSA), performance max, smart shopping, and YouTube campaigns. If you have those campaign types, then expect discrepancies between the total ad-level data for a campaign and the total data for the campaign.

Default columns

For descriptions of all default and custom columns, see “Report columns for basic and advanced reports.”

  • Creative Title, Creative Title2 - Creative Title15
  • Creative Name
  • Creative Type
  • Description1 - Description4
  • Status
  • Portfolio
  • Search Engine
  • Campaign
  • Ad Group
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Impressions
  • Cost
  • Clicks
  • CPC
  • Avg Position
  • Display URL
  • Impr. (Abs. Top) %
  • Impr. (Top) %