Geo Distribution Report

The Geo Distribution Report includes the estimated number of paid clicks [1] by geographical region, which is determined from the search user’s IP address, for campaigns within specified portfolios (when applicable) or ad accounts. You optionally can include conversion metrics. By default, the data includes the estimated number of clicks for each ad group/campaign/portfolio combination for each region that generated clicks, and the rows are in descending order by estimated clicks.

Estimated impressions and estimated cost are available only for display tracking-only campaigns.

You can view data for the previous two (2) months plus the current month.

  • Data is available for search and display campaigns only.
  • The totals for this report may differ from the totals for the same campaigns in the Google Ads Geo Report (which Google Ads compiles) because of different vendors and methodologies in determining geographical locations.
Use the results to exploit geographical trends. For example, if users in California have a significantly higher conversion rate than other areas for a particular campaign, then you may want to specifically target users in California for that campaign, excluding users in other areas. Be aware, however, that sudden market trends may influence user behavior in other areas, making those areas potentially profitable too. Use geographical targeting with geographically specific keywords and ads for the best results.

Default columns

For descriptions of all default and custom columns, see “Report columns for basic and advanced reports.”

  • Country
  • State
  • Region
  • Portfolio
  • Search Engine
  • Campaign
  • Ad Group
  • Est. Clicks
  1. The click (or click-through) data for these reports are presented as estimates rather than actual data because Search, Social, & Commerce may use different algorithms than the various ad networks do to detect valid clicks, and because Search, Social, & Commerce doesn’t count keywords for which no clicks were recorded in the previous week. The conversion tracking system may also include data for ad network accounts with which Search, Social, & Commerce doesn’t sync. ↩︎