Label Classification Report

The Label Classification Report includes cost, click, and (optionally) conversion data by keyword-level or ad-level label classification aggregated across ad networks, accounts, campaigns, or ad groups. By default, the data includes one row for each applicable keyword-level label classification for keywords, ads, and placements that received impressions for each time unit in the specified date range. The rows are in ascending order first by the start date for the time unit, then by label classification, and then by label value, by default.

You can view data for the previous 36 months.

  • Reporting by ad-level label classifications isn’t available for Microsoft Advertising dynamic search ad (DSA) campaigns.
  • More than one label classification may apply to the same entity, so the total for each metric may be higher than the actual total for the entity. For example, say a keyword “suede shoes” has two label values, “suede” and “footwear,” and the keyword received 100 clicks. The Clicks column would show “100” for each of those label values, so the total for both rows would be “200.”

Default columns

For descriptions of all default and custom columns, see “Report columns for basic and advanced reports.”

  • Label Classification
  • Label Value
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Impressions
  • Cost
  • Clicks
  • CPC
  • Avg Position
  • Impr. (Abs. Top) %
  • Impr. (Top) %