Transaction Report

The Transaction Report provides transaction-level details for current keywords in ad groups in search and
display campaigns — and for ad sets in social campaigns — within specified portfolios (when applicable) or ad accounts. You optionally can include conversion metrics. You can compare the results from this report against the advertiser’s transaction data to verify that Search, Social, & Commerce is reporting all of the advertiser’s transactions.

By default, the report includes data for transactions that occurred within the specified date range. The data for each transaction includes the transaction ID, the transaction and click/impression times, the conversion type, the conversion metric, and the revenue data for the conversion metric (such as 1 for one registration or 12 for a $12 order) for each keyword or ad/ad group/campaign/portfolio combination. By default, the rows are in ascending order first by transaction time and then by click time.

You can view data for the previous 45 days.

  • If multiple bid units with different match types have the same transaction ID, then the revenue for the tracking ID is split according to the number of clicks on the specified click date.
  • If the report includes data from ad groups in content-enabled search campaigns or in display or social campaigns (which don’t include keywords), then the Keyword column in the completed report includes the applicable ad group names, such “(adgroup content) Your Ad Group Name.”

Default columns

For descriptions of all default and custom columns, see “Report columns for basic and advanced reports.”

  • Keyword
  • Portfolio
  • Search Engine
  • Campaign
  • Ad Group
  • Client Transaction ID
  • Transaction Time
  • Click/Impression Time
  • Conversion Type
  • Link Type