Create an SMS message

Add an SMS message

Browse the tabs below to learn how to add an SMS message in a campaign or a journey.

  1. Open your journey then drag and drop an SMS activity from the Actions section of the palette.

  2. Provide basic information on your message (label, description, category), then choose the message surface to use.

    For more information on how to configure a journey, refer to this page

You can now start designing the content of your SMS message from the Edit content button. Define your SMS content

  1. Create a new scheduled or API-triggered campaign, select SMS as your action and choose the App surface to use. Learn more on SMS configuration.

  2. Click Create.

  3. From the Properties section, edit your Campaign’s Title and Description.

  4. In the Actions tracking section, specify if you want to track clicks on links in your SMS message.

  5. Click the Select audience button to define the audience to target from the list of available Adobe Experience Platform segments. Learn more.

  6. In the Identity namespace field, choose the namespace to use in order to identify the individuals from the selected segment. Learn more.

  7. Campaigns are designed to be executed on a specific date or on a recurring frequency. Learn how to configure the Schedule of your campaign in this section.

  8. From the Action triggers menu, choose the Frequency of your SMS message:

    • Once
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Month

You can now start designing the content of your SMS message from the Edit content button. Design your SMS content

Define your SMS content

  1. From the journey or campaign configuration screen, click the Edit content button to configure the SMS content.

  2. Click the Message field to open the Expression editor.

  3. Use the Expression editor to define content and add dynamic content. You can use any attribute, such as the profile name or city. Learn more about personalization and dynamic content in the Expression editor.

  4. Click Save and check your message in the preview.

You can now test and send your SMS message to your audience. Learn more


In accordance with the industry standards and regulations, all SMS marketing messages must contain a way for the recipients to easily unsubscribe. To do this, SMS recipients can reply with opt-in and opt-out keywords. Learn how to manage opt-out

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