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Last update: 2023-10-30
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About instances databases

According to your contract, each of your Campaign instances is provisioned with a specific amount of database space. Databases include all assets, workflows and data that is stored in Adobe Campaign.

Over time, databases can reach their maximum capacity, especially if the stored resources are never deleted from the instance, or if there are many workflows in a paused state.

Overflowing an instance database can lead to several issues (inability to login, to send emails etc.). Monitoring your instances’ databases is therefore essential to ensure optimal performance.

If you subscribed to email alerting, you will receive notifications by email when one of your instances’ databases has reached 80% or more of its capacity.

Monitoring database usage

Control Panel allows you to monitor the database usage for each of your Campaign instances. To do this, open the Performance Monitoring card, then select the Databases tab.

Select the desired instance from the Instance List to display information about the instance’s database capacity and used space.


If the amount of available database space as shown in the Control Panel does not reflect the amount specified in your contract, reach out to Customer Care.

Data from this dashboard is updated based on the Database cleanup technical workflow that runs on your Campaign instance (see Campaign Standard and Campaign v7/v8 documentation). You can check the last time the workflow ran below the Used Space and Provided Space metrics. Note that, if the workflow has not been running since more than 3 days, we recommend reaching out to Adobe Customer care so that they investigate why the workflow is not running.

Additional metrics are available in this dashboard to help you analyse the usage of the instance’s database. They are detailed in these sections:

Discover this feature in video using Campaign v7/v8 or Campaign Standard

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