Analysis Workspace overview

Analysis Workspace is a flexible browser tool that allows you to quickly build analyses and share insights. Using the drag-and-drop interface, you can craft your analysis, add visualizations to bring data to life, curate a dataset, share and schedule projects with anyone in your organization.

If you have only a few minutes, watch this brief overview to see what is possible.

Log in to Adobe Analytics

To start using Analysis Workspace, log in to Adobe Analytics by going to You will land on the Projects page, if a specific project has not previously been selected for you.

Use the Training tutorial

Once you are logged in, your first stop can be the Analysis Workspace Training Tutorial template. It walks you through common terminology and steps for building your first analysis in Workspace. To begin the tutorial,

  1. Click the Learning tab on the left.
  2. Click Open Tutorial.

Create a new project

After completing the tutorial, you are ready to begin building your first project. On the Projects tab, you can choose to start from

  • Blank project if you plan to share your analysis from the browser, or
  • Blank mobile scorecard, if you plan to share your analysis from the Customer Journey Analytics dashboards mobile app.

You can also begin your analysis from pre-built templates, either Adobe-provided standard templates or custom templates that were created by your organization. There are several different templates available, depending on the analysis or use case you have in mind. You can now find them under the Reports tab in the left rail.

Build your analysis

In your Workspace project, panels, tables, visualizations, and components are accessed from the left rail. These are your project building blocks.


Components are dimensions, metrics, segments, or date ranges, all of which can be combined in a Freeform table to start answering your business question. Be sure to familiarize yourself with each component type before diving into your analysis. Once you’ve mastered component terminology, you can begin dragging and dropping to build your analysis in a Freeform table.


Visualizations, such as a bar or line chart, can be used to visually bring data to life. On the far left rail, select the middle Visualizations icon to see the full list of visualizations available.


Panels are used to organize your analysis within a project and can contain many tables & visualizations. Many of the panels provided in Analysis Workspace generate a full set of analyses based on a few user inputs. On the far left rail, select the top Panels icon to see a full list of panels available.

Project management in Analysis Workspace

Here is a video overview of project management:

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