Integrate with other solutions integration

With Adobe Journey Optimizer, you can easily manage, retain, and export this data to platforms or systems that are part of your technology stack. These integrations help you address your specific use cases, and extend Adobe Journey Optimizer functional scope.

Built on Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe Journey Optimizer is natively connected to Adobe Real-time Customer Profile. This built-in data source is pre-configured, and is designed to retrieve and use data from Real-time Customer Profile (for example, check if the person who entered a journey is a client or not). It allows you to use Profile data and Experience Events data. Learn more.

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics integration-cja

You can use Customer Journey Analytics to perform advanced analysis on data generated by Journey Optimizer.

Journey Optimizer stores data in the Adobe Experience Platform and with Customer Journey Analytics provides an holistic view of all your journeys, campaigns and offers with automated report distribution and custom visualizations of the data.

After creating your journey in Journey Optimizer, Customer Journey Analytics can ingest data from the platform to start reports and understand the impact of every interaction a customer has with your journeys.

Learn more about Journey Optimizer + Customer Journey Analytics.

Adobe Analytics integration-aa

You can leverage all of the Adobe Analytics behavioral event data that you are already capturing and streaming into Adobe Experience Platform to trigger real time journeys and automate experiences for your customers. This data can also be used to create audiences that can be engaged using Journey Optimizer.

Learn more about Journey Optimizer + Analytics.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets integration-assets

Bring marketing and creative workflows together using Adobe Experience Manager Assets. Natively integrated with Adobe Journey Optimizer, access Adobe Experience Manager Assets to store, manage, discover and distributee digital assets. It provides a single, centralized repository of assets that you can use to populate your messages.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets can be accessed directly from Adobe Journey Optimizer through the left menu Assets section.

Learn more about Journey Optimizer + Adobe Experience Manager Assets.

Adobe Stock integration-stock

The Adobe Stock and Adobe Journey Optimizer Email Designer integration plugin provides customers an easy way to navigate, license, and save imagery for use in message authoring.

With Adobe Journey Optimizer, you can upload images to your emails directly from Adobe Stock and add it to your Assets folder using the Find Adobe Stock photos option. In addition, the Find Similar Stock photos option helps you find images that match the content, color, and composition of the asset used in your delivery.

Learn more about Journey Optimizer + Stock.

Adobe Intelligent Services integration-intelligent-service

Adobe Intelligent Services that are native to Real Time Customer Data Platform allows you to leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning in customer experience use cases. This allows for marketing analysts to set up predictions specific to a company’s needs using business-level configurations without the need for data science expertise.

Customer AI allows brands to create churn or conversion machine learning based scores that will be available as profile attributes in Adobe Experience Platform and that can be used to personalize a journey.

Learn more.

Adobe Campaign integration-ac

An integration is available if you have Adobe Campaign v7 or v8. Use this integration to send emails, push notifications and SMS using Adobe Campaign Transactional Messaging capabilities.

Learn more about Journey Optimizer + Campaign.

You can also set up an integration with Adobe Campaign Standard to send messages in your journeys.

Learn more about Journey Optimizer + Campaign Standard.

Adobe Workfront integration-workfront

Use the Adobe Journey Optimizer modules in Adobe Workfront to create, read, update, or delete records, or perform a custom API call to the Adobe Journey Optimizer API.

An overview of the key step of this integration is available in this blog post.

Learn more about Journey Optimizer + Adobe Workfront in Adobe Workfront documentation.

Custom channels integration-custom

If you are using a third-party system to send messages or if you want journeys to send API calls to a third-party system, use custom actions to connect to your journey. For example, you can connect to the following systems with custom actions: Epsilon, Slack, Adobe Developer, Firebase, etc.

Custom actions are additional actions defined by technical users and made available to marketers. Once configured, they appear in the left palette of your journey in the Action category. Learn more in this page.

Learn more about custom actions.

External data sources integration-external-systems

Journey Optimizer allows you to configure connections to external systems via custom data sources and custom actions. This allows you, for example, to enrich your journeys with data coming from an external reservation system.

Learn how to use external data sources to define a connection to a third-party system in this section.