Integrate with Intelligent Services ai-overview

The integration with Adobe Intelligent Services allows you to leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning in customer experience use cases. This allows for marketing analysts to set up predictions specific to a company’s needs using business-level configurations without the need for data science expertise.

Intelligent Services, built on Adobe Experience Platform, gives marketers responsible for customer experience access to AI-as-a-service, making it easy for anyone to predict customer behavior, measure the impact of a campaign, or ensure better return on every investment. For more information on Adobe Intelligent Services, refer to the Adobe Experience Platform documentation.

Integration between Journey Optimizer and Intelligent Services allows you to leverage customer predictions.

Customer AI is part of Adobe Intelligent Services. It helps predict what a customer is likely to do. See the Adobe Experience Platform documentation.

Customer AI allows brands to create churn or conversion machine learning based scores that will be available as profile attributes in Adobe Experience Platform profiles (Real-time Customer Profile).

As a result, they can be used as any other profile attributes in Journey Optimizer’s conditions (to make the best decisions), actions or segment building.