Wireframes wireframes

A typical stakeholder for this activity is a Marketing/Business Strategist.

Wireframes are a visual representation of the anticipated digital experience that you intend to deliver.

This process is applied to:

  • Asset Level view
  • Channel Level view
  • Project Level view

This helps move the project from the prototyping phase closer to the actual deployment phase.

From an Asset Level view, you should create wireframes that define various content layout options and content groupings. This work helps to define what multiple pieces of content may look like when assembled as a group.
Typically, you would be using actual production-ready graphics, images, and videos in this activity.

From a Channel Level view, you should create wireframes that show how channels of content are linked together in the overall experience, including playback strategies for embedded channels. You can also review channel transitions that may occur as data triggers are engaged.

On a Project Level, you can start to model how multiple screens or experiences can work together in a physical space to provide a complete multi-touchpoint user journey.

These strategies should align with the UX Journey map previously created.