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A typical stakeholder for this activity is an AEM Implementor.

Before you create an AEM Screens project, understand and strategize all the components defined in the UX Wireframing phase of the project.

Consider the following elements before implementing your AEM Screens digital signage solution:

  • Locations
  • MediaZones
  • Displays
  • Scheduling
  • Previewing the content

To learn more about these terms, see the Glossary.

It is best practice to consider using:
  • hardware asset database to auto-populate a Screens project
  • text configuration file pointing every player automatically to a specific instance of an AEM

Implementing an AEM Screens Project creating-a-project

An AEM Screens author is responsible for creating and managing a user experience using the available components in AEM Screens. The author creates and reviews the content and provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface by configuring, deploying, and integrating the available segments of AEM Screens.

An author creates channels from the given sequences and knows the campaign audience and the desired focus. Thus, an AEM Screens author creates and orchestrates the user experience by creating different channels and assigning sequences into timed channel experience.

An author typically begins an AEM Screens project by:

You can also bulk-import a set of locations from a CSV/XLS spreadsheet to your AEM Screens project. See New Project Importer from File.