UX Dependencies ux-dependencies

A typical stakeholder for this activity is a Marketing/Business Strategist.

UX Dependencies defines where and how content is strategized so it is most impactful.

The following questions should be considered while defining hardware content strategy:

  1. How the retail layout should be aligned with content strategy?

  2. Will interactions (that is, touchscreen, motion detection) be required?

  3. What is the purpose of the digital signage?

    • Is it for product configuration?
    • Is it wayfinding?
    • Does it show advertisements?
  4. How are connections and network wiring setup?

  5. How frequently are the computers and the connections on and off?

  6. Does the fixture design support accessibility?

  7. Are multiple devices required for one display (such as, multi-zones, extra large boards)?

  8. What are the environmental considerations such as brightness, temperature, and the season?