Google TXT record management

To ensure high inbox rates and low spam rates, some services like Google require that you add a TXT record to your domain setting to verify that you own the domain. TXT records are a type of DNS records used to provide text information about a domain, that can be read by external sources.

Learn how to add Google TXT site verification records to all your subdomains used to send emails to GMAIL addresses with Campaign Control Panel.

In this video, I will show you how to add a google TXT record using Adobe Campaign Control Panel. You may sometimes want to do that to improve your Inbox Placement Rate, with Google addresses such as Gmail. Navigate to Subdomains and Certificates Card and select the subdomains that you want to work with. In the right hand side, click on Subdomain details.
In the screen that loads, you will see the name of the sub domain on the top left corner. You can copy the name of the sub domain from here to make it easy for you in the next steps. Next, navigate to Google Admin tools.
Click on Domains, and Manage domains. Add a new Domain, in here paste the subdomain that you just copied from the Control Panel or you can type it.
Once you’re finished, click on CONTINUE to verify sudomain.
In the dropdown list that appears, select Other, on the very bottom.
This generates, a google TXT record.
Copy that record completely.
Go back to the Control Panel and click on Add TXT record. Paste the record, once the Control Panel verifies it, click on Add.
This very last step is very important. You need to not forget to verify, that you have done the process with Google. Go back to the Google Admin tools and click on VERIFY button. Once you receive the confirmation, you’re done. -